Skype 1.0 - Global Calling, Local Rates

July 27, 2004. Today Skype launched its free, Skype for Windows Version 1.0 software, which includes SkypeOut, enabling Skype users to pre-pay and call any phone number in the world at highly competitive local rates. Also included in Skype 1.0 is a new file transfer feature and other software enhancements. New beta versions of Skype for Linux and Skype for Pocket PC with the SkypeOut feature are also available. (Please read the change log and FAQ.)

“Thanks to our beta users evangelising Skype, their continued feedback and our exceptional development team, Skype now delivers on the long anticipated promise of Internet telephony,” said Niklas Zennström, Skype CEO and co-founder. “Skype is helping consumers everywhere move beyond the limitations of last century’s telecommunications tools to experience new value and quality.”